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April 26, 2015

Everyone has a different taste in bread - especially after giving up Franken-Wheat, also known as modern, hybridised, untested-on-human wheat!

So while I am excited for our family about the result of a few months of experimenting with a new loaf recipe, I do realise how many home cooks can be bitterly disappointed by trying a new recipe, only to have it flop (all those expensive ingredients) or to see the strangest expressions on our loved one's faces as they try to be polite about something which is really quite nasty tasting!

We have an added complication - any gluten free bread I make which still uses grains, I cannot taste!

1. We have developed a sorghum flour starter - this can take from a few days to a few weeks depending upon the air temperature and wild yeasts in the air. The flavour has just a slight tang from the wild yeasts.

2. Thankfully we have discovered a fairly simple gluten free flour mix which works for us. No xanthan or guar gums.

3. Eggs have been replaced with ground chia seed and a little more water.

If you are interested to try our recipe, do let me know by leaving a message. This week I am to remake the recipe several times, tweaking conditions and ingredients. My hope is this may make it easier for those out there going through this process. Thanks for your time.

Posted: Sun 26 Apr 2015