Meet the Trustees

After much prayer and thought, we agreed to say something about ourselves, as a welcome to you: "Hello, this is who we are. Welcome, wherever you are!"

Each of us contributes to the work of Vital Force in a different way, utilising the gifts God has given each of us. We are a group of people with different experiences and different circumstances in life. Each of us, just like you, has been through troubles, and have challenges every day. Thank God we can start each day afresh with Him, needing His righteousness, His strength, His wisdom, His grace and His comfort.

"Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. For our light afflication, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal." 2 Corinthians 4:16-18



Roger is a Trustee of Vital Force NZ. Roger grew up on his family’s remote North Island, New Zealand, hill country station in the 1950’s and 60’s. Working on the farm with his father, brothers, and station employees, he learned the importance of honesty, commitment, reliability and getting the job done. From an early age Roger had an interest in spiritual matters, and this continued to grow over the years. Time passed, and Roger worked his way to farm manager on another family farm, and then farm ownership. He married and had five sons of his own.

In 1985, Roger had a life changing experience on his farm. This experience continues to shape his life today. In Roger’s own words:


“At midnight on the night of 23 February 1985 speaking by His Spirit’s voice, God called me out of the family home and lead me up the farm road toward the farm buildings. When I was about 50 metres from the shearing shed my eyes were drawn to a pillar of heavenly light illuminating a corner of the building. Suddenly with burning power red flames 3 to 4 metres long raged from the building and then within a few seconds the flames drew back into the corner of the wall. The wall had no sign of burning. You can go there today and you won't see one sign of a scorch mark. Then in mid air, a couple of metres away from the wall, a reddish beacon appeared, shining like a lamp. Struck by this supernatural phenomenon my heart trembled with Godly fear and I quickly returned to the house.

A few weeks later, after watching a training video for teaching Bible seminars, I walked by the corner of the shearing shed, when suddenly, with force, God’s Spirit presence came upon me and I responded with the question, ‘ What would you have me to do?’ Well, at God’s directive I sold my farms and moved away from Dannevirke. Over the convening 27 years, through life testing experiences God’s Spirit has lead me onwards to where I work and live today.

Now the reason for sharing the midnight experience with you is twofold. Firstly this is told at God’s request that you might know the Father and Son are the spiritual power and founding roots of the Vital Force ministry. Secondly I was called to witness God's symbolic presence that through my humble life He might forward His plan encompassing other people’s lives. Could this mean God’s Spirit has lead us to meet on the Vital Force website circulating the globe? Well the answer to that question circulates in the thoughts of your own mind and resonates in God's providential plan for your life.”

Roger married Fiona in 1995, and the new family experienced all the ups and downs of blending two families together.  In 2001, after months of planning, Roger and Fiona followed God’s call to relocate to the Highlands of Scotland.  For five years they lived in the small, isolated community of Wester Loch Ewe, and though they missed their families and the New Zealand climate, they made many good friends. Roger worked as landscaper and gardener at a local nursing home, and later for Good for Ewe, a community co-operative, developing Keder House allotments, establishing an indoor market garden and a recreational area for members.

After five years Roger and Fiona returned to the North Island of New Zealand and lived and worked on a farm with their three youngest children, a daughter and two sons.  In 2012, at God’s direction, Roger and his family relocated to rural Victoria, Australia, where Roger now works on a farm and continues to write when he is not working or digging another vegetable garden.



Jeanette is a Vital Force Trustee and Treasurer of the Trust. Jeanette grew up on a farm in the North Island of New Zealand, in fact the same farm as Roger. They were part of a large family of 10 children. Jeanette trained for five years to become a medical technologist, and then volunteered for a two year posting at the Atoifi Hospital laboratory in the Solomon Islands. In the 1970’s this was an isolated and quite primitive place. The fly screen door in the house where Jeanette lived alone had a nasty gash – a chilling reminder of the Australian nurse who was speared to death a few short years before. Geckoes were unwelcome night time visitors, as unwelcome as the daily meetings with rats and snakes.

Laboratory equipment at Atoifi Hospital was antiquated or non-existent and the local people had many superstitious beliefs about blood. Though she was uncomfortable with the wildlife, and thought she was not suited for the job, Jeanette decided to stay – on one condition. She would give God full responsibility and pray to him using the ABC method of prayer based on claiming a Bible promise: Ask God to fulfil that promise, Believe that He will do so and Claim or receive the promise by thanking God in advance for the answer. She called to God again and again over the next two years – and God answered every time.

Returning to New Zealand after her posting, Jeanette worked at Waikato Hospital laboratory. While living and working in Hamilton she met Noel. They became engaged and planned their wedding. Just 10 days before the happy day, a dark time began for Jeanette. Her youngest sister died unexpectedly on Christmas Day. Six weeks later her father died of cancer, later her cat who had been a great companion was run over, and another loss, even the goldfish at her workplace died! Leaving work was a loss too, but with hope because Jeanette was pregnant. Then the bitter icing on the cake was the emotionally and physically painful discovery that her pregnancy was actually an unusual placental tumour, called a hydatidform mole.

These years and the ones that followed were truly difficult years for Jeanette, but watching a film by Joyce Landorf, showed she was not going crazy, she was grieving. In later years Jeanette was to reflect on these years and how they helped her develop a more authentic experience with God. As the years went by, Jeanette discovered she has multiple food sensitivities, and so her interest in getting healthy and staying healthy was sparked. In 1998 Jeanette attended a month-long course run by Thomas Jackson of M.E.E.T. Ministry from the USA, on natural health and healing remedies.

This course was so in tune with what Jeannette knew and understood about the human body, that she was inspired to share what she had learned through developing books, healthy living seminars and cookery demonstrations, using the acronym STRENGTH to help people understand total health. As always her husband Noel supported her along with Roger (see above) and Fiona (see below). Jeanette has also attained a Certificate in Nutrition Studies and successfully passed three papers towards a Diploma in Health and Human Behaviour. From all her studies and experience, Jeanette has concluded that true balanced health is so much more than the food you eat and the exercise you do. The pathway to true balanced health lies in a personal relationship with God.

In recent years, Jeanette has lived in the Hawkes Bay and since the local laboratory closed, she has worked as a carer for older people, bringing a new dimension to her life. Jeanette proofs Vital Force publications, and is writing for this website.

Jeanette and Noel have two adult children, both were home schooled. Their son, Brock, is a qualified builder and also a Vital Force Trustee, while their daughter Kirsty is a qualified nurse, and mother to one lovely daughter.  


Brock is the son of Noel and Jeanette (see above), a Vital Force Trustee and a qualified builder. He grew up in Morrinsville, Rotorua and Hastings and currently works in Wellington as a residential house builder. Moving towns as a child and young person gave Brock an opportunity to meet many diverse people from different cultures and backgrounds. He was able to observe people over time and see how the decisions they made shaped their lives.

Being home schooled and living in rural New Zealand gave Brock a different lifestyle to most other people of his generation.  As a student, Brock had a keen interest in reading books about Christian businessmen, and this showed him how one person’s life could benefit many others.

Brock believes that living in a developed country is a privilege which gives us more opportunity and a responsibility to help others abroad. This belief was reinforced when Brock volunteered to work on a building project in Fiji in recent years.

Noting how much technology has changed in a short time, Brock can see how a message will be able to spread around the world quickly.



Fiona is a Trustee. Fiona grew up in Auckland, New Zealand in the 1960’s. Born with a heart defect, doctors urged a risky, experimental, life-saving operation. Thankful to be alive, Fiona has struggled with low energy and poor health throughout life.

Fiona has worked as a print journalist, amongst other jobs. She loved interviewing people about their passions, beliefs and achievements. Fiona had her own passion: From an early age, she was intrigued by natural whole foods and when she married and had two beautiful sons, she spent thousands of happy hours reading, learning, growing, preparing and cooking. And sharing all that food with other people. Bread making continues...
Gluten Free Bread

By the early 1990’s, her life had changed, and Fiona worked as Communications Manager at a large regional hospital. She often wondered what life was about, and what her future held, especially as her health was failing again! But God had gone before her and a new life was in store. In 1995, she chose God’s way, remarried, and worked with her husband Roger in a lay ministry with another family (see above). The ministry included a not-for-profit organic whole food co-op, vegetable gardens, and developing the STRENGTH programme. Over those six years, Roger and Fiona had two children of their own, a girl and a boy.

In 2001, at God’s call, the family relocated to the Highlands of Scotland, and about a year later, true to a dream given to Fiona, she was employed by the Highland Council as a Healthy Living Co-ordinator for the HealthWays project. Her role was to work with communities in Wester Ross to find out what was difficult about healthy living, and then help communities find their own solutions. Can you guess what the biggest difficulty was? Lack of access to fresh fruit and vegetables and limited knowledge about how to cook healthier meals!

Through God’s leading, a wide range of healthy living projects were sparked: Fruit and vegetable prescriptions from doctors, using locally grown produce; low cost fruit schemes through local schools; community gardens with wind-resistant growing tunnels and allotments; locally grown vegetable box schemes; community cookery demonstrators; community-run healthy weight loss groups; community-led walking groups; special exercise classes; and healthy living columns in local newspapers and national radio and television coverage. Isn’t God good?

Fiona firmly believes God has given us natural foods to strengthen our minds and bodies so we can connect more easily with Him. God can and does bring healing through simple and nutritious foods: Fiona often gave simple cooking demonstrations at village markets. One day a local resident watched Fiona toasting sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Hesitantly, he approached and took a sample bag of seeds. He returned often, always taking a bag or two of the seeds. After a while, he asked if he could buy more toasted seeds. Fiona was happy to oblige. Some months later, this gentleman asked “What’s in those seeds, because I have been eating a small handful of those seeds every day and today my doctor told me I can cut down on my blood thinning medication?” You can find the recipe for Toasty Seeds in The King and His Son Book 1: The Beginnings. Now living in rural Victoria, Australia, Fiona supervises the schooling of her youngest child, while asking God for STRENGTH each day! Some months are better than others, and Fiona has been helped recently by Oscar Sande of NuFoodSteps, and Dr Randy Tent of Diverse Health Services.

The Trustees continue to write, edit, proof and prepare books for publishing. Coming up are the remaining books in The King and His Son series, updates on the health books Steps to Health, and other works in the pipeline...

And you are welcome to read! We believe time is short, the world is changing rapidly. We want to tell everyone that God is calling them, He has a special plan for each person on this planet. And only God knows where this website and writing may lead.





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