Yes, this is the home of VITAL FORCE FREE BOOKS. We invite you to download any or all of these PDF's. 

The time of sharing freely and openly about our faith as Bible believers may be limited. Have you noticed strange laws being discussed and passed? 

So, download any or all of the publications listed here FREE of charge. Please pass onto others in any way you can - by photocopying all or just a part, by sharing links, by having house meetings.

We have broken larger books into parts, and removed fancy bits and images. This is to keep within the size allowed by our website server, and for the many people who have slow internet connections the world over (including us).

Please Contact us if you find anything else which does not work on this website. We welcome your contribution.

We understand that you may not be able to email us. The enemy never rests, and our loving Father in heaven would have us awake and aware at this time in earth's history.