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Is there tangible evidence in the Bible which challenges the theory of evolution on Planet Earth?

Yes there is. For what the evolutionist perhaps fails to recognise is the global flood of Noah’s time recorded in the Bible.

We are talking about the time, approximately 3000BC when Planet Earth was completely immersed in  water, engulfed by a Great Flood, rained  from the sky, while ocean beds ruptured pouring volumes of water to Earth’s surface. In the book of Genesis, meaning “the book of beginnings” we learn how this catastrophic flood was sent by God in judgement upon Earth’s population.

You see the population of an estimated 5-6 billion people rejected the true God of creation. Except for Noah and his family of eight people the entire population had chosen to live by evil alone, permeating every thought, belief and action. They chose to shut out the true God of creation.  

Insidiously Planet Earth was controlled by satanic forces of evil. But in mercy and love for the people, God allotted earth’s population 120 years of probation, to turn from their evil and return to God’s holy ways of living. During the 120 years Noah and his family built a large ship known as the ark and Noah warned the people if they did not turn from their evil practises God would send a mighty flood to destroy life on Planet Earth. 

If the people turned back to God and lived in His holy ways then He could stop the flood, and the ark could remain as a monument to the people’s belief. However should the people continue their rebellion against all that was good and pure, then the wooden ark would be built to the exact dimensions to save Noah’s family and the creature life God commanded to be on board.  

Developments of the Pre-Flood World Destroyed 

The 120 warning years expired and the people still clung to their ways. Satanic worship consumed the people, hedonistic enterprises held them in a grip of self gratification. Sensual pleasure and revelry blinded the population to all that is true and decent. Practicing unethical experiments the human mind became deranged and demonic.

What sort of experiments? Believe it or not, genetic manipulation of the species is believed to have been the game of the day with catastrophic consequences. God’s Divine plan etched upon the face of creation was defaced with images of grotesque creatures. The human race exalted itself above God’s creation, man deemed himself to be the new creator on earth.

Reaping the consequences of their rebellion, the wicked reaped God’s judgement and all drowned in the watery grave of the Great Flood.  Now with this outcome behind us we arrive on this side of the Great Flood and here we find answers which evolutionist’s may fail to comprehend.

From the destruction of Earth’s first era of billions of creatures and humans, there emerged from the ark, Noah and his family with selected creature life, insects, birds and animals.  And of course saved on board were seeds harvested from numerous plant species of the first world. Haven’t you ever wondered how grain, fruit and vegetable plants seemed to spring up from the so called Fertile Crescent in the area we now call the Middle East? Now in the decimated second world, Planet Earth entered a second era, an era of less grandeur with a changing climate and diverse terrain.

Weather Events continue After the Great Flood

Volcanic eruptions still occurred on a horrific scale.  Mountain ranges were heaved up by deep centred earthquakes while over time the land mass tore apart, forming the continents of today. Isolated inland seas evaporated creating deserts and waste lands. With climate change a mini ice age occurred until a warming thaw left only the northern and southern poles in their icy grip. 

And this is where the theory of evolution loses its way.  As you can see, tremendous changes occurred to Planet Earth during and after the Great Flood. Yet the evolutionist plots those changes on evolutionary theoretical date lines that span millions of years.  Millions of evolutionary years are slotted between the species, depicting when they theoretically first appeared. Evolving over millions of years these new species of life theoretically grew into the plant and creature life we see on Planet Earth today.

Now, it is true that after the Great Flood, to adapt and survive in a new hostile environment, a kind of evolving did work among the species.  Read more about Babel >>