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Why Bitter Tastes are Vital for Your Health

Sunday 15 April 2018

Bitter Molecules have many shapes and sizes. This one is PTC

Did you know there are a handful of healing plants which have spread all over the planet?1 All these healing plants taste a little or very bitter. Most people call these healing plants “weeds”. 2 So what’s going on here?

Why would Jesus Christ leave us healing plants which taste bitter? Isn’t bitterness bad and something to be avoided? Bitter tastes in the mouth can cause strange facial expressions! Bitterness is often considered poisonous or toxic. Then there’s bitter envy, bitterness towards a brother. So how could the words “good” and “bitter” be used in the same breath?

In this article, we will investigate the role of bitter taste in the human mouth, and how we can use this information immediately to help our bodies get rid of toxic compounds which are all around us – in our soil, air, water, food and more. Let’s go...

 What did you Taste today?

Just for a moment, think of the last thing you tasted. Was it sweet? Salty? Fatty? Deliciously savoury (also called “unami,” a Japanese word)? Sour? Or maybe the last thing you tasted was bitter?

It wasn’t? Well that’s quite natural in today’s world. You see, the diet of generations of people in our human family has flip-flopped. As a race, we used to eat a tiny quantity of sweet tasting foods and drinks, and a lot more slightly bitter tasting foods.

But today millions of people choose to eat like a children’s birthday party at every meal! I call this the Children’s Birthday Party Syndrome! Most of us are probably aware that the so called “developed” nations have brought a terrible curse of ill health upon themselves through a high sugar, high processed fat and starch diet!

But how many articles have you read about the decline of bitter tasting foods in our diets? And is it even true that we used to eat more bitter foods?

Genetic Research

Around 2000, scientists discovered that our human bodies have 25 genes coded to respond to more than 100 bitter constituents tasted in the mouth.3 More than 550 compounds have been rated as tasting bitter by humans.4

And once tasted in the mouth, the body activates bitter receptors, called T2Rs, There seem to be different ways the body responds to produce wide ranging good health effects via these T2Rs.

Astonishingly, research is now showing that T2R receptors are throughout the human body: The nose, throat, stomach, small intestine; the liver and gall bladder and pancreatic duct. We don’t stop there! The kidneys, bladder, reproductive system, skin, lungs, brain cells, heart cells, immune system and even parts of the eye have receptors for bitter “tastes” and/or molecules.5

And so, through intelligent design, we have a simple and yet elegant solution to our original problem of how to rid the body of glyphosate and the thousands of other toxins in our world today:

Just the taste of bitterness in the mouth stimulates the liver and gall bladder to work better to detoxify our bodies of poisons, and increases digestive function.

In contrast with the 25 genes coded for bitter taste, the sweet taste is only coded with two genes that I can find, and mostly gives us a “feel good” pleasurable sensation in the brain. Which of course, is why people just keep loading up with sugary foods – there’s that Children’s Birthday Party Syndrome again!

How can you take this information and improve your life immediately:

  1. Plant foods contain the most abundant bitter tasting compounds, but far less than 50 or 100 years ago. So start eating more plant foods. Find food that is grown naturally without chemical sprays.
  2. If you cannot remember the last time you tasted something bitter, this is a pretty good indication that your T2R’s have not been active lately. And this means that they might take a while to wake up and start giving you the amazing benefits from bitter tasting foods. Start eating more plant foods. Find food that is naturally grown, without chemical sprays.
  3. You can buy “bitters” formulas, and like most things in life there are some good ones and some better ones, but I have a simpler and more cost effective suggestion. Eat more plant foods. Find food that is naturally grown, without chemical sprays.
  4. And read the next article! I’ve got some interesting tips and tricks coming up.


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