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At first glance “health” seems such a neat, tidy word. But take a closer look at Planet Earth's ecosystems, and what do we see? Perhaps health has a broader meaning than we first realise? Perhaps health really begins with our world? And what do we see when we check out Planet Earth's health? Symptoms of a dying world?

What would a health checkup of our world show? Earth’s lungs heaving with poisons, breathed from a polluted atmosphere. Earth’s mineral body forced to digest toxic contaminants. Earth’s ecosystems suffocating, groping for a fresh breath of life.

Scientific data warns that if medication is not administered soon Planet Earth’s disease will become life-threatening. Meanwhile Earth’s belly convulses with earthquakes, her facial surface is awash with chemical and nuclear fallout, and the oceans in which Earth bathes are diluted with crude oil, polluted with poisons. More and more Earth’s atmosphere is traced with geoengineering sprays from both planes and boats, spewing devastating cyclones, storms and flooding, producing fevers of unpredictable weather patterns.

Yes, Earth is gasping to retain a rhythmic heart beat.

And the story goes further, for Earth’s inhabitants are also suffering: Ocean life dies around the globe while rain forests become graveyards; bees are dying or disappearing, insect, animal and plant species are becoming extinct at the very moment you are reading this.

Human life has not escaped the plague of ill health either. For in human life, ill health is escalating into global epidemics. On one hand millions suffer the death pangs of famine and diseases of want, while on the other hand millions suffer through over abundance and over medication. Disease and pestilence are mutating. Cancer, Aids, diabetes, obesity and heart disease are growing scourges of our 21st century living.

What is the diagnosis? And more urgently, can we halt Planet Earth’s failing health?

While global leaders meet in conference adopting elite plans for a "safer" and more controlled world, spelling the end of personal freedoms and liberties under the seemingly innocent words of "sustainable development", "safe cities" and "no one left behind", pharmaceutical companies with their payrolled scientists and researchers search for more and more medications that will make billions of dollars of profit, while perhaps helping some people with some of their distressing symptoms, but causing more uncomfortable symptoms as side effects. And never reaching the root cause of the disease or illness.

Prescription for Better Health?

But what about you and I the ordinary citizen of our world, can we make a difference?  Could we produce a prescription for better health on Planet Earth? And are we responsible for our own personal health involving our total being of mind, body and human spirit?   

And so this is where the ministry of Vital Force comes to the fore. We believe each person has a responsibility for their own health, and we offer knowledge to help you become informed about the health of your total being, an show you how simple, small changes can make BIG health improvements for you and your family.

Information for this health prescription comes from two main sources, the Bible and science. Yes, surprisingly the Bible has a lot to say about health for the human mind, body and spirit. And above all, the Bible presents a timeless prescription for spiritual life with God our Creator. 

If we could all accept that human life was not created to exist alone but was created to exist in a loving, caring relationship with a supernatural all powerful God, our world would be in balance, health would be abundant. Indeed a personal relationship with our Creator is the founding prescription for healing health to our total being.  

"I have seen his ways, and will heal him; I will also lead him, And restore comforts to him And to his mourners. “I create the fruit of the lips: Peace, peace to him who is far off and to him who is near,” Says the Lord, “And I will heal him.”" Isaiah 57:18-19 

A healthier body, a healthier mind, a healthier spirit enables us to make healthier choices, choosing right over wrong. Doing this we follow in the healthy footsteps of the Son of God, our Lord and Saviour.

"Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel. Curds and honey He shall eat, that He may know to refuse the evil and choose the good." Isaiah 7:14-15 

Yes in today's world we need clarity of mind to choose the way that leads us in spiritual healthy living connecting us to God.  And believe it or not, a healthier lifestyle can clear our minds for a closer connection with God.

We are ALL Different

Now of course, not everyone in the world is born into a healthy environment nor born into equal circumstances of life.  But thankfully God knows the condition of each human life and we at Vital Force also recognise that each person needs to take into account the needs of their own personal circumstances.  For example, good nutrition might be determined by availability,quality and affordability of food. Where we live, our nationality and our culture also influence the choices we have for a healthy lifestyle. Yes, there are many extremes in lifestyle rippling through our world - a land worker in China is far removed from a wealthy aristocrat in Great Britain. However, a native tribe living in the jungle of South America may be far healthier in life than the affluent population living in North America. 

Another factor can bear down on people’s lives, for some of us have been born with genetic differences and this can determine the kind of lifestyle and diet we require to bring health to our total being.  If we can gather vital information on health topics and put into practice that which suits our life needs then at least we have started down the road for better health. And above all by walking with God our health challenges are shared, and following our Creator’s wise instructions is the wisest step we can ever take.

Our fellow humans are not exalted as lords over our lives, acting as prosecutors and judges over the health choices we make. There are just too many variables to consider in each person’s life. Some people are able to adopt a vegan diet into their lifestyle and flourish, others may find a vegetarian diet is useful at some stage, and still others discover an omnivore diet (eating both plant and clean animal foods) brings better health at a certain time in life.  

Rest assured, Vital Force does not sit in judgement to condemn a person’s choice of diet. Vital Force’s mission is to bring to the fore a wide range of information that relates to a healthy lifestyle. Our fervent hope is that you will learn more about better health, and also that you will want to learn more!

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