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Who is God?

Hello friend, "Who is God - The Inside Story" is a free book, with full biblical evidence about God. No if's, but's, maybe's or mysteries. God wants us to know who He is, not some mysterious character way out in the universe. But a God who offers us a way out of this mad world, fast becoming the opposite of God's intentions for his human race.

You download this book in Acrobat PDF format. Then you can read the file straight from your computer, laptop, ipad or phone. You can also save this file, so you can read the book whenever you like. You can also print this book out.

A front and back cover can also be downloaded here and printed.

All books on this Vital Force NZ website are about the one true God, and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ and their Holy Spirit - in some way or another.

Please feel free to share any publication with any person, or as many people as you want to.




Millions of people around the world treasure the time they spend with their Father...their Father in Heaven!

As well as an all-loving Father in Heaven, each of us has a special friend, some say like an especially kind and loving older brother. That special friend is Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of our Father in Heaven... the special relationship each and every person ever born can have with our Father in Heaven is through our beautiful Jesus Christ. Yes, this is how your life connects to our Father in Heaven.

You can read more in the free book "Who is God?"

But billions more have never had the chance to learn about our Father and His Son, some give much sincere and loving worship to false gods, and some find themselves lavishing admiration and worship on things of the world. 

And millions and millions more have been falsely taught that God is vengeful, hateful, ready and willing to punish His children on earth for the slightest mistake.

Where does that leave the human race? A huge scattering of people worshipping false gods; another huge scattering believing in nothing at all but today and tomorrow until we die, and another large cluster backing off from anything that reminds them of the false teachings of fear, hate and punishment.

Dear friend, please spend time learning about God, and how He is the one true need for each of us now, as the world plunges madly forward.There is a true solution, which will be THE way out of the insanity happening all over the world.

Millions don't want to know about the changes happening - a global plandemic, a global "solution", a global tracking system, a global vaccination, a global plan for people to be moved into cities, every part of their life to be controlled. Deceptions are many at this time. Whenever you hear the words, "For your safety..." be wary, take a step back and consider researching more about global plans. One you can start with is "Agenda 21" (for the 21st century), and "Agenda 30" (goals to be achieved by 2030). Be sure, these plans are not in line with God's will.

All through the ages, God has reached down to people, offering them hope, love, showering blessings every day. Blessings like the sun rising again today, air to breathe for another day ahead, plants growing to provide nourishment to animals and people, trees growing to gobble up carbon dioxide and provide us with oxygen, people to keep on loving and supporting each other. Yes, everything good comes from God. Read more about Big Bang Theory >>