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In the human race this evolving of life began on the Plains of Shinar at the time when Earth’s population still spoke one language (Genesis 11: 1-9).  After the Great Flood, evil had gripped the people yet again and in defiance and rebellion against God they began to build a high tower against God’s authority. 

To stop this evil God caused the people to speak different languages and with the resulting confusion, building of the tower stopped. Those people speaking the same language joined together and migrated over the Earth.

From this first migration evolved the various races of humankind that exist in the world today.  In that sense life is not static but always evolving with new shape, new colour, new purposes and cultures of life. 

Fossils and Skeletons

But the evolutionist still questions, “What about the findings of fossils and skeletons belonging to ancient creatures, dating back to a prehistoric time?  Don’t these validate the theory of evolution?”

The answer is again found in the date line of the Great Flood where  the true history of life is preserved  beneath  Earth’s surface, fossilised life forms dating from Earth’s first era before the Great Flood; a mere 5000-6000 years ago, not millions and millions of years as evolution suggests.

For you see during the flood, creature species were buried in the earth and over time fossilised.  Thus in our times, skeletons of pre-flood creatures are discovered - dinosaurs, reptiles and like species.

What about human skeletons that evolutionists date back to being prehistoric man, our evolving ancestors? 

After the population migrated from the plain of Shinar, it is believed that some groups of people migrated so far into the wilderness, that over time they evolved physically to survive in their harsh and inhospitable climate and environment.  At the same time other groups of people evolved differently, perhaps in climates and environments where survival was easier. 

But there is another aspect about the physical form of ancient man we need to consider: Before the Great Flood, it is believed that manipulation and splicing of human DNA with creature DNA was being practised. Especially the combining of human and monkey DNA.

With God’s judgement these blended creatures of different species died in the Great Flood.  Think about it, with the manipulation of DNA in today’s world, we can only wonder at the manipulation which was possible in the world before the Great Flood.

Human Mind & Body Superior

That’s right.  In earth’s first era before the flood the intellectual mind and physical stature of human life were far superior than we see in today’s population. Earth’s first era could be described as being like our modern world, yet invigorated and imbued with God’s power of creation.

Clearly we have things back to front, in Earth’s second era, even to our day, human life has slowly degenerated and not evolved to a higher plain of life as many believe. Before the flood humans were living up to and beyond 900 years! Today most humans die well before the age of 100 years.

Now back to the fossils.  As the land mass erupted during the flood, vast evergreen forests were uprooted and buried deep in the earth, fossilising into the oil and coal we harvest today. Yes, in a strange way our so called modern world has been subsisting on borrowed energy dating back to Earth’s first era of life.

Amazing evidence has surfaced from the first era into the present world, proving beyond a sceptic’s doubt that the Great Flood did occur just as the Bible declares.

Few Want to Know

Few know and still fewer want to know, that Noah’s Ark has been found on the mountains of Ararat in eastern Turkey. The late Ron Wyatt a committed American amateur archaeologist discovered the fossilised ark, in the shape of a large ship. With sophisticated sonic equipment Ron Wyatt and his team discovered the fossilised shape matched the dimensions of Noah’s Ark recorded in the Bible.  In the surrounding countryside, like an echo from the past, a story is still told about eight people surviving a Great Flood. Other findings emerged at the sight of the fossilised ark and these amazing discoveries can be viewed on  http://www.wyattmuseum.com/ron-wyatt.htm

Ron Wyatt’s other discoveries have been summarised in our book called The Word.  The location of the miraculous Red Sea Crossing comes into focus; Joseph’s grain pits set deep in the landscape of Egypt rise through the mists of antiquity; discover the lost cities of the plain, Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed by raining brimstone.  And don’t miss Jesus’ crucifixion site and the tomb where He was laid to complete our salvation. Still this is not all for most importantly; The Word also reveals how the Bible has come down to us through the ages of time.

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