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Soupe au Pistou - Plant Based and Keto-ish

Dear Friends

Pleasingly green, satisfyingly rich, studded with flavours and colours of the vegetable rainbow. Mmm, Soup au Pistou is full of joyful memories of the summer vegetable garden, and the little sadness that summer has passed here in New Zealand.

This joyful soup is a French classic from the Provence region, a place which holds a special place in my heart - because without my little five day stay in Provence, I undoubtedly would have become very ill indeed. With spring bursting forth in Provence, the sunlight and warmer temperatures compared to the West Coast of the Scottish Highlands, boosted my health. All good things come from God.

Here in New Zealand, I find basil reaches its best growth towards the end of summer, the tomatoes are ripening on the vine, some varieties of beans are ready to pod for fresh beans, courgettes are aplenty. 

For people who choose a plant based diet, this soup is wonderful. Our version quickly cooks a rainbow of vegetables quickly in water, that's the "Soupe", and then the "Pistou" a rich basil sauce, is stirred in just before serving. Oh the brightness of this soup is so uplifting!

You will need some means to blend the basil, olive oil and flavourings - whether a blender, a food processor, a stick blender, even a strong arm with a mortar and pestle will work. The classic Pistou has some sheep or cow cheese - but not ours!

Posted: Thu 25 Apr 2019