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Eating Vegetables is Vital if you want Amazing Health


Time to get strong in mind, body and spirit. Learn simple things to help your health. Don't delay, you need STRENGTH now.

Search the Bible for Vital Truths for the End of the World


Dusty old book, or Guide Book containing  THE Golden Chain of Truth for our Times, our World, our Future? You won't know until you Look!

Who is God and your life connected to God


When you choose to open your mind and heart to God, you will discover He is real, He does have a future and a plan for your life. Yes YOU!

Out of the Mouths of Babes...Praise is Perfected

Health Reporter - News


Today we ask...can children teach adults anything about God?

Health Reporter is a place we share health discoveries, news and views

Who is God - the Inside Story

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Tomatoes for Lycopene

Plant Food and Recipes

Tomatoes for Lycopene

What is Lycopene, and why do some Golden Oranges hold the secret?

Truth About God - Links Bible Texts to Bible Text

26 Golden Links to God

Back Cover Reads:

Like a strong, beautiful golden chain, God’s word opens the way for the fallen human race to escape the evil grip of the dark force. God's way is all about a relationship with you and God the Father, and His only begotten Son. Yes, even you. In this book, 26 Golden Links to God, you can link Bible texts, one after the other, until lo and behold, a perfect image of God’s truth will formulate before your eyes, guiding you into a true spiritual relationship with God the Father and His only begotten Son.