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Health Reporter: 3 Natural Anti-Viral Helpers - NOT What you Think! (COVID-19)

3 Natural Anti-Viral Helpers - Not What you Think! (COVID-19)

People are saying, “...the world has changed”. 

At this time, March 31, 2020, more than one quarter of earth’s 7+ billion human inhabitants are being commanded by governments to stay home and only leave their homes for essential supplies, in an effort to control the spread of a new global virus, named COVID-19. Isn't that hard to get your head around?

As Bible believers, we know this global virus event is a sign of the times, a sign that prophecy is fulfilling in our lifetimes. Every day is one day closer to Jesus’ Second Coming. And while there are tough times ahead, we always, always, have omnipotent, supernatural help and guidance when we reach out to God through His Word and through prayer. If you are seeking for truth, then you could look at the Truth Seeker page on this website.

And yet, each person on the planet still needs to continue eating, drinking, moving, breathing. Let us remember that our Creator built flexibility and adaptability into our systems, we humans live in a huge range of environments all over our world, and in every place are God’s natural blessings for health and working through difficult times. So let’s look at some God-given ways we can help ourselves adapt. I pray something in today’s post will be useful for you.

Anti-Viral Flavonoids

In January 2020 a study was published showing that three flavonoids (the flavours in food) were capable of stopping a protein on the virus  SARS* and MERS**. By stopping this protein 3CL-pro, the virus was less likely to invade human cells.1

COVID-19 (also known as SARS-COV 2 and 2019 N-Cov) appears to use the same 3CL-PRO protein, as one of the proteins to invade the cells - called an S-protein (SPIKE).

These three flavonoids, as well as others, appear to be anti-viral. But these three, appeared to be most effective.

You see, these virus particles aim to hook into a tiny satellite-like dish called ACE2, which are located the outside of human cells. ACE2 is short for angiotensin-converting enzyme 2.  

This tiny satellite-like dish, ACE2, is a receptor, meaning "receive". ACE2 is also a protein and helps regulate blood pressure and heart function. These ACE2 receptors are abundant on cells throughout many parts of the human body, but typically SARS and COVID-19 aim to invade the lungs first, but damage can occur in other parts of the body. Here, researcher Liang Tao tells us:

"How does it look like, when a human body protein interacts with a virus? Liang Tao, a Principle Investigator at Westlake University offered an analogy: ‘If we think of the human body as a house and 2019-nCoV as a robber, then ACE2 would be the doorknob of the house’s door. Once the S-protein grabs it, the virus can enter the house.'"2

These three flavonoids which were proven to prevent replication of the SARS virus are:

Flax Seed is a good source of Herbacetin anti-viralHerbacetin

Found in flax seed among other plant foods, also known as linseed. 3These are best ground or at least partially broken so the nutrients are absorbed, or perhaps you are able to find food grade flax seed oil near where you live. (Coincidentally flax seed has been studied for its ability to stop squamous cell [generally non-lethal] skin cancer.) 

Citrus Fruit and Leaves a good source of the anti-viral flavonoid RhoifolinRhoifolin

Found in many types of citrus fruits and even leaves from citrus trees. Also other common foods such as tomatoes, bananas and grapes. 4, 5 The ancient Indian medicine system, called Ayurveda, has a special place for the citrus pith, the white inner part of citrus. Don’t discard the white pith of citrus fruits, the pith was also designed and created by God and is there for a purpose. The bitterness is good.


Red Clover is a source of Pectolinarin an Anti-Viral FlavonoidPectolinarin

Found in a special kind of thistle. STOP! Don’t rush out and start picking the nettles in your neighbourhood. This special kind of thistle grows naturally in many parts of Asia. It is also known as Plume Thistle.In less warm climates, pectolinarin is found in red clover. You can buy red clover tea at health food stores, or maybe you have access online. Maybe you have red clover growing near you! Avoid known areas sprayed with chemicals, and also avoid busy roadside red clover – gathering red clover flowers from poisoned environments will not help your body.

Sources of these 3 flavonoids are available in many parts of the world. And while the study no doubt referred to therapeutic doses (this means very high doses under health care),  if you are able to include more of these flavonoids in your diet, you will do no harm and only good (unless you or a loved one has a known intolerance or allergy).

And last but not least, on the subject of these 3 flavonoids, a Polish team have also been studying sources from plant foods, and have published their study 8 - great news for people who can eat barley, wheat and soy (organically grown is best at all times).  Warning - this study was very difficult to find. Even though study was published on three different websites, all three had a "Content Not Found" message. So if you have the same problem, you could try cutting and pasting the reference into a search engine.

Until next time, Look Up, Not Down! Thee not Me!

* SARS is a coronavirus and there was an outbreak in the early 2002-2004. SARS stands for Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome. 

**MERS is also a coronavirus, occurred 2012-2015 and stands for Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome

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Posted: Tue 31 Mar 2020