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Welcome to The Health Reporter

 June 1, 2013 - Are you searching for truth? Welcome to The Health Reporter, a brand new feature of the Vital Force NZ website. Land on this page if you are searching for truth in the 21st century.

In our experience, people who are searching usually want and need information, facts and knowledge. We have found that God draws people to where they need to be to find the truth. Whatever you are searching for, we hope you find it here – Health, Bible and God.

The Health Reporter aims to bring you, the reader, timely knowledge, experiences and facts so wherever you are in the world, you may become informed.

Our hope is that when people are informed, they can make choices for their lives rather than follow the popular mainstream, which may not be the right way at this time in the world. The Vital Force Trustees do not intend any of this information to be absolute and final, but we are committed and determined to pass on to you the information, issues and connections we are discovering on our journeys through life. Above all we do our utmost to hold our heavenly Father and His only begotten Son, first and foremost in our affections, thoughts, actions and human will.

Most of the information you will find here relates to everyday living and is drawn from books, personal experience, or from people who are knowledgeable and informed in their particular area. You will probably not hear about any of these people on the television news, or in newspapers or on radio. But often these people may be found on the internet – passionate to spread the word about the expertise they have gathered.

Why is this important? You may have noticed, and even feel in your bones, that the world has changed and continues to change rapidly. In fact, we are told “...the end of all things is at hand; therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers.” 1 Peter 4:7

We do not aim to excite controversy or cause offense to individuals, families, communities, businesses or governments. And ask that you treat the information you read here in like manner. However, we also ask you to do your own prayerful research and make up your own mind on these issues - some of which might be decisive in your future on Planet Earth and beyond.

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Tomorrow on The Health Reporter: Ricin - could a deadly poison be similar to a popular food?


The Health Reporter is contributed to by Vital Force Trustees or members, and edited by Fiona Timmins. Fiona Timmins has a background in print journalism, health sector public relations, and has co-ordinated a large community health project in Wester Ross, located on the north west coast of Scotland.

Posted: Sat 01 Jun 2013