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One day last winter I was out in the garden, weeding. It was a grey, drizzly kind of day and the leeks were calling out to me. "Weed me, weed me." So I ambled over to the leek bed.

To be honest, I had God on my mind and was mulling over how easy it is to miss God's personal invitation to the most loving relationship we will ever have. To me, our loving relationship with Him is our way to true health - health of our minds, our bodies and our human spirits.

And yet, just a small shift of our human eyesight, mind or heart can trick us into missing God altogether. Instead we can affix our affections, our trust and faith onto something which looks like the true path for our lives - but is just mimicking the True and has no real goodness, no way to lead us to an eternal life free of pain, sickness, disease, sadness and suffering!

As I thought these things, thoughts which millions of people have thought before me, I noticed how tricky it was to tell the leeks from the grassy weeds growing next to them. The weeds seemed to have taken on qualities of the leeks, branching the same way, leaning into the plant as if to become part of the same plant. The only way I could tell the leeks from the weed was a very slight colour difference. Yes, it even seemed as if the grassy weeds had changed colour to become like the leeks.

My mind flicked back to God again. God is the True - so what or who is the False, trying to imitate the qualities of God, so people think they are following something true to their hearts?

As I weeded away, I remembered how a backpacker here on the station had been tasked with weeding the owner's vegetable garden. Poor girl, she had no gardening experience and so she pulled out all the onion seedlings thinking they were weeds! Are we doing the same? Are we plucking God out of our hearts, thinking His truth is wrong, misleading, not for us?

Are we looking at the weeds, thinking they are truth for our lives? How do we tell the difference?

Just as the backpacker needed more gardening experience to understand the difference between weeds and onion seedlings, so we need to go into the Bible, the Word, and study for ourselves, so God can personally show us what is His Truth and as we grow in understanding, we will bit by bit see what is false and untrue.

And you just may be surprised, what God reveals to you, from the Bible, the Gold Standard for truth. Don't be surprised if some of your closest held beliefs are challenged! What a great adventure - ask God today to show you His truth in the Bible!



Posted: Mon 30 Jun 2014