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Look Up!

Have you looked up lately? If so, perhaps you have noticed white trails stretching across the sky, or short bursts of white lines, or criss cross patterns. Don't be fooled, these are not innocent fuel trails left by passenger jets.

Early in the 21st century, our family were living in the idyllic Scottish Highlands. The views were amazing, and even more amazing were the patterns painted in the skies over the loch. At first, we thought these patterns might have been something natural and unique to this northern part of the world. Something similar to the Northern Lights. We took lots of photos. Then one day we observed that planes were painting these white patterns in the sky - white streams were coming from the wings - not the engines. We wondered about that, then life took over, and we tucked the sky patterns away in our memories.

Fast forward to 2008, living in the North Island of New Zealand. Up in the sky we could see the passenger jets flying in certain flight paths. And suddenly we realised there were no white trails left behind. Another day we observed unmarked planes flying in completely different directions, and strong, white trails were left behind. This time we started to do a little research and found out that many people had been tracking these "trails" in different parts of the world. Many people had been researching and had apparently discovered these trails were something to do with governments, science, and weather.

Zip into 2014, living in Victoria, Australia. As we watched the planes painting the sky, and noticed forecast rain never arrived, we began to wonder. Then a friend sent us a DVD, and we watched with a dawning dread, and a new understanding. According to the DVD, and numerous observers all over the world, these white trails in the sky are caused by "geoengineering", a new "science'', where governments, corporations, the military decide to spray the skies, or dump in the ocean different mixtures of substances, such as aluminium, iron, silver iodide. Why?

This is something each person needs to read about and study for themselves, because however many ideas you discover, and no matter how good they sound - there is not one good reason to harm the health of people, animals and plants.

You might be surprised and shocked to learn that the Victorian Government, Australia, has already passed a "Rain-Making Control Act" acknowledging that substances will be sprayed from aircraft. When do you think that might have happened? Last year, or perhaps the beginning of the 21st century - the year 2000?

The Rain-Making Control Act was passed in 1967! Nearly 50 years ago, government knew about spraying substances from aeroplanes to attract rain. However, none of the farmers I have spoken to know anything about rain-making. Strange when you think their businesses depend upon the rain and the weather. You can find the full text of the Act in the link at the bottom of this page.

People the world over have been observing, testing water, testing soil, observing plant, animal and human health - and have linked the shocking and sad results to chemical mixes falling out of the sky.

And then there is the weird weather - yes, the unusual global weather could indeed be part of a climactic pattern.

Then again, the unusual global weather could indeed be part of geoengineering.

Take for example, one day at the close of 2014. Unseasonally hot for central Victoria, at 40+ degrees celsius (104+ degrees Fahrenheit), then along came a small thunderstorm. Within three minutes the air temperature dropped to 30 degrees (80 degrees Fahrenheit), and immediately hail started falling from the sky. S-t-r-a-n-g-e. The hail was larger than usual winter hail, approximately the size of a dice and lay on the ground for several minutes - surely hail dropping at 30 degrees celsius should have melted immediately?

Could this hail have some other chemical composition?

And what about the water we depend upon for life - what happens when the small particles, often nano-particles which fall from the sky into water, or onto surfaces, such the roof of a building which collects rainwater for human consumption. Would it interest you to know that water flowing off such a surface, after sky spraying, bubbles and foams like a dishwashing detergent?

What do you think about geoengineering? Is it true or false, or simply unproven as yet?

Look up! Perhaps you can watch the trails, see how they spread and develop into feathers, curves, horizontal whorls, covering the sky in cloud formations and patterns which clearly did not exist some 40-50 years ago. As you observe, note changes to the weather, note how weather cannot be reliably forecast, watch the plant and animal life.

Here are some websites we strongly recommend you look into:

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The Victorian Government Rain-Making Control Act 1967:


Posted: Thu 01 Jan 2015