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Glyphosate Damages awarded while Damage continues every day...

3 September 2018

One man, Dwayne Johnson has been awarded $289 USD damages as his legal team convinced judges and jury that exposure to glyphosate in Roundup likely caused his non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer.1 But the damage continues around the world every day...

New Zealand - Lots of Organic Food Produced

Here in New Zealand, there is still a pervading opinion with ordinary folk, that glyphosate doesn't cause any problems for humans, or soil. However, according to Brendan Hoare, CEO of Organic Aotearoa New Zealand (OANZ) nearly 80% of consumers are buying something organic twice a month.  Usually fresh produce or perhaps something frozen. And the OANZ released information that the organic food sector is growing twice as fast as the conventional food sector.2

Perhaps these people not buying organic food, have not yet learned that glyphosate is a great pretender. Because glyphosate is similar in structure to the amino acid glycine. When the body tries to pick up glycine to add to other amino acids for any of hundreds of repair and maintenace activies in the body - glyphosate in the bloodstream is likely to be picked up instead of glycine. Does this matter? Well, logic would tell us that if one ingredient is used in a formulation that is not quite right, there will be a different outcome.3 

Detectable levels of Glyphosate in 26 of 60 Wheat Samples in NZ

Meanwhile this week, New Zealanders were told by the government Ministry of Primary Industries that wheat with detectable glyphosate levels is still safe to eat. Can this be true when the World Health Organisation declared glyphosate a possible carcinogen (causes cancer) and the State of California in the United States has declared glyphosate a probable carcinogen (causes cancer).

"The Ministry of Primary Industries said its testing for glyphosate residues in wheat showed detections in 26 out of 60 samples. Twenty samples contained glyphosate above the maximum residue level of 0.1milligrams per kilograms."

"MPI has done a rigorous assessment and is confident that at the levels detected there is no food safety issue to consumers. 

"At the highest level of residue detected - 5.9mg/kg - a consumer would have to consume 14kg of wheat based products every day for their lifetime to reach the acceptable daily intake for glyphosate," MPI said.4

Sadly, the MPI didn't incude the research showing that glyphosate is showing up most places you can think of. In the United States glyphosate is now found in the air, in tap water, in conventionally grown plant foods, in soil, in breast milk, in dairy products. 5 Where is the New Zealand testing?  Did you know that farmers can and do spray their paddocks with glyphosate to kill off the grasses, then move livestock onto the paddocks to eat the dying grass? Some don't, but don't be fooled, many do.

Western Diet a "Disease Vector"?

I just want to ask another question: If the chemicals used on food are so safe, then why is the Western diet considered a "lethal disease vector" in laboratories where experiments are conducted?6

Many are the deceptions foisted upon us at this time of the world. Not only spiritual deceptions, but health and biological deceptions as well.

Whether we decide to turn away from foods grown with glyphosate and choose to eat organically grown food or not, is a personal choice. To me, this is a learning journey for each of us, hand in hand with our personal relationship with God the Father and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. And for me, discovering and learning about a deception requires a personal choice. Turn away from all deception. Do what I can for myself and my family to maintain natural health by following the laws of health. But that's just me. 

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Posted: Mon 03 Sep 2018