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Truth Seeker 26: Superiority of the First Humans


With God’s creation power still fresh upon the minds and bodies of the first humans, in all dimensions of life humans were far superior to degenerative human life today.

In comparison to us, the first human race was giant in stature and intellectual prowess, having immense brain power to process complexities and accomplish extraordinary feats.

Yes, Truth Seeker, this is true. And here lies another lesson as we seek truth in these end days: Do not make assumptions about any situation, or any person based on what you have been told is truth in the past. We can only make sound choices based on the truth in God's word, the lessons Jesus tells us in His own words, and what biblical prophecy tells us. And do not take our word for this Truth Seeker, please take this opportunity to research for yourself.

From discoveries such as ancient Egyptian wall art showing people carrying devices which look uncannily like light bulbs with cords, to fossils of giant footprints, and fossils of giant wood lice, to a device something like a mobile telephone being found deeply embedded in walls of a mine. Yes, there have been many, many discoveries showing that the human race was not a primitive, undeveloped race as we may have been taught.

But misusing their God given gifts, exalting themselves above God, the fallen race builds up evil hedonistic enterprises and erects skyscraper monuments in honor to the god of our fallen world.

Slowly but surely God’s image imprinted on creation is erased by corruption while more and more Satan’s evil image is reflected in human life.

Satan's Pagan Religion

Beguiling the lives of the masses, Satan plants in their midst the seeds of his pagan religion.

Yes Truth Seeker, Satan is very religious. 

Very soon the seeds of his pagan religion germinate into disgusting forms of satanic ritual too dreadful and terrible to even write about.

And so, unbridled evil begins to spread its damming influence.  

Genetic Engineering

So unbridled is the evil of the first race of humans, that genetic engineering becomes the corrupting influence of the times, combining the DNA of species with other species of life. Thus evil overtakes all ethical and moral restraints.

Now excelling in greater evil, scientists corrupt their profession by amalgamating human DNA with that of creature life, defacing the image of God reflected in mankind.

Mass Violence and Death

With abounding lawlessness crime escalates into mass violence, shedding blood throughout the rebellious population. Using every conceivable vice Satan dominates the world with evil and almost obliterates God’s promised rescue plan to save those who seek after His Godly ways.

Continuing down descending centuries the righteous line of people who live in God’s holy ways, slowly passed away in death, while others succumbing to evil join the ranks of the dark side.


But shining in this ever thickening pall of darkness shines a glimmer of hope. A Godly man called Noah stands up right in the midst of earth’s swelling evil, and siding with Noah is his wife and family.

IMAGE: The image shown in this Truthseeker segment is discussed widely and controversially on the internet. If you look carefully, you will see a light bulb looking shape, with a filament inside the bulb shape, a cord leading to a battery shape. While conventional university-trained archaeologists will point out the pagan symbols used in this Egyptian relief as more likely to represent pagan worship,  there is much evidence for use of a battery type of device, first found in Iraq in 1936. Engineers and scientists have been able to recreate the device, and to produce a battery charge, including lighting. We encourage you to explore this further, if this interests you. The entire field of ancient archaeology helps us to think more broadly. This particular copy of the image was found at this link: https://www.shiftfrequency.com/jason-martell-ancient-egyptian-electricity/

Posted: Tue 04 Aug 2020