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Truth Seeker 28: Probation of Mercy


And yet not willing that any should perish, God allots earth’s population 120 years of probation giving them time to repent of their evil ways and turn to His ways of holy living.  

As Noah builds the ark of deliverance he also preaches God’s merciful message to the masses urging them to repent of their evil and turn to God least they die in their sins.

Eventually, 120 years of God’s beckoning call comes to an end.

The massive ark rests upon dry ground built according to God’s exact specifications. Noah has completed his God given task, and yet throughout the regions of planet earth the last echoing message of delivering truth falls upon deaf ears.

Every person has made their choice. Sadly, blinded by Satan, deceived and rebellious, not one person steps forth to receive God’s merciful love of forgiveness and deliverance.  

Upon the landscape of human life, swelling with an estimated population of billions, only Noah and his family stand true to God. The evil mass has cast away and cut off from God forever.

There is no more that God can do to save them and so they reap to themselves their chosen path, destroying themselves with death.  Only EIGHT worthy souls, and creature life enter the ark of refuge representing the saving life of God’s only begotten son.

Thank you for the image by 2427999 of Pixabay.com

Posted: Mon 19 Oct 2020