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Truth Seeker 29: The Wicked Perish with Evil


For six days the ark remains grounded.

Then upon the dawning of the seventh day, the airy silence of impending death is broken. Bolts of lightning streak over the land, while thunder rolls over the darkening sky.

Then for the very first time raindrops fall upon sinful earth.

Suddenly around the globe, erupting volcanoes tear apart ocean beds, gushing waters spout from the deep.

As the heaving waters rise higher upon the earth, the ark rises upon the swelling tide, and riding over the billowing waves, safely shelters those  within.

But sadly the record remains to this very day, those who refused to stand for God, the mass of humanity outside the ark, perish in their watery grave of unrepentant evil. A human catastrophe that pierces God’s merciful loving heart. 

The bottom line remains that in real terms the guilty mass outrightly rejected God the Father's promise, to give up His only begotten Son to take upon his sinless life their sins and pay the ransom price to free them from evil.

Receiving new born spiritual life they could have lived in God’s holy ways throughout the endless ages of eternity. Yes, that was the spiritual ark of deliverance that God longed for them to enter into. Yes, that choice by the people would have ended the need for a global flood.

Yet thankfully there remains eight worthy lives to carry forward the line of human genealogy destined to conceive the Son of God in an embryo of human life. Thus fulfilling the promised mission of the Son to save mankind from sin and everlasting death.

Thank you to dimitrisvetsikas1969 from Cyprus for the breathtaking image, to help give us an idea how suddenly and powerfully the world changed. You can find Dimitry's work on Pixabay.com

Posted: Wed 21 Oct 2020