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Truth Seeker 30: Planet Earth's Second Era


Meanwhile the rain ceases its deluge, and as the billowing waters recede Noah’s ark lands upon the mountains of Ararat, in the country we know today as Turkey. 

Eventually dry land appears and by God’s miraculous power the great door of the ark swings open.

Noah and his family with creature life disembark into a new era of earthly life. And what do they see?

A ragged landscape, dull and bleak, stretches before them. Over the airy landscape a deathly silence greets them. Gone is the extraordinary beauty born by God's creative power. The barren world shall undergo a process of recreation, but far inferior to God’s original design and purpose for the family of mankind.

Nevertheless in the mountainous terrain of Ararat, once again the human race begins to multiply into nations repopulating the rejuvenating world.


Thank you to Wyatt Museum for the image of Noah's Ark on the mountains of Ararat in Eastern Turkey.

To learn more about the discovery of Noah's Ark please refer to the Wyatt Museum website, where this photo image appears in an article titled:  Understanding the Remains of Noah's Ark. Below is the link, when you click on the link, a new page hopefully will open in the Wyatt Museum website. We highly recommend reading and learning about this discovery.


Posted: Fri 23 Oct 2020