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Health Reporter: STRENGTH for your IMMUNE SYSTEM (UPDATED 9 April 2021)


Ahead of Truth Seekers lies a narrow path. Perhaps we are already on the narrow path! All the more reason to pause, carefully study our daily choices, in preparation for the next step ahead! Here is a simple way to help us think about choices that really do help or hinder our total health.

S = Sunlight. Don't be fooled, sunlight is vital for human health in so many ways as well as the immune system, and many that the human race has not yet realised. Not necessarily Sunshine, but Sunlight. We have written more about Sunlight in Book 3, Chapter 1-7. Go to FREE BOOKS 2 and search for Book 3 The King and His Son. We have put the remainder of Book 3 on hold just now, as a more urgent piece or two of writing arose, and at the same time, writing time has reduced to just a few hours a week!

T = Trust in God. This is a Truth Seeker's fortress, a place of safety. Each believer needs to remember this, "The battle is for the mind." When circumstances are their best - put your Trust in God, in case the enemy deceives you. When circumstances are at their worst and you are near despair - put your Trust in God. Try sending up prayers, praise and thanks repeatedly that He may guide you. And He will - look for God's working in the smallest detail of your life, and you will find His blessing. Don't forget to thank Him! Trust in God in every circumstance of life. Every earthly support may be taken from you, but your Trust in God will always be with you.  Search the Bible for yourself, and you will find so very many texts and beautiful stories of prayer, praise and thanks. Look into your own life and you will find the same! Selah.

R = Rest and Recreation. REST: More than ever, seek good rest. Good rest really does help to keep you on the path you choose. No screen time after 8pm. Darkened room. No digital clock by the bed. No laptop or mobile telephone in the sleeping room at all. Apparently there are four ways a mobile telephone keeps beaming out to the nearest mobile tower, "Here I am, here I am." I have found the only way to block a phone completely is turning off and storing in a closed metal box. Also turn off your internet modem if you can (we do), and turn off and unplug as many electrical appliances as you can. Avoid eating within 3 hours of retiring for sleep. For me, looking forward to a Sabbath rest in God keeps me going. Sabbath rest  on the seventh day is a beautiful space of time, appointed by God for all people. Sabbath is not a burdensome rule, but a blessed rest. RECREATION: Seek the solace, peace and beauty of natural surroundings, for this is a direct connection to God. Even a simple thing, a few seconds looking at a little weed in a crack in the concrete, or a little sparrow chirruping, can lift despair and connect you with God, and this gives meaning to your day. 

E = Exercise or Physical Activity if you like that phrase better! Moving the body is good for the mind, for spiritual health and of course for the entire human physical body. Some people have more capacity for heavy physical activity and indeed may find their daily work is best to involve physical activity. Other people work in offices and in front of computers - if this is you try to get up and move every hour, yes every hour. Exercise your eyes by moving them into the distance when your eyes feel tired. Sometimes we feel tired in our whole being, but really just our eyes are tired. Move and walk wherever you can. Choose to use your body in some kind of movement every day. Choose to move in natural surroundings wherever possible.  Studies have shown that movement in natural surroundings appears to be even better than regular movement indoors.Benefits outdoors appear to be improved mental health, and at this time in the world we need the best mental health! Of course being outdoors in sunlight (NOT necessarily sunSHINE) exposes your skin to those valuable sun rays that your body needs to produce vitamin D. Ak yourself this question: Thousands of studies have shown the benefits of vitamin D for improving the strength, adaptability and flexibility of the immune system, helping mental health and more...so why are governments trying to limit people finding out about vitamin D? 

Well, Truth Seekers, fellow believers, how I would love you to reflect and research around these lifestyle areas, wWhile you patiently wait for the next instalment! N = Nutrition is the next section, an area of controversy and much sadness in the world, as millions of people choose to dig their graves with their knives and forks. So, we need to talk about that.

Thank you for your patience. Perhaps you will ask yourself if there is a little tweak you can choose to do this week, and just keep doing one little tweak to your lifestyle. My tweak this month is sending up quick, urgent prayers and thanks at EXACTLY the moment I begin to sense overload in my environment. And I firmly believe this is training for whatever God has planned for my life.

Until next time...I am very thankful for you being here on this page...

Posted: Sat 10 Apr 2021