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Health Reporter: 8 Top Tips for Sunlight Success #6

8 Top Tips to Sunlight Success #6

Tip #6

Do your best to overcome mind habits of slathering on moisturisers before going out in the sun. Honestly, there are tens of thousands of chemical cosmetic ingredients out there, and very few have been tested to see what happens to human skin when exposed to the sun.11

We all love the luxurious images of a product surrounded by rose petals, or other natural substances. But if you have dabbled around even once, trying to make a simple lotion for your skin, you will know that the main ingredients are an oil or fat, combined with some kind of liquid. Then, some kind of emulsifier is needed to keep the oil and fat mixed together. Yes, that can be done fairly naturally. The next step of a very simple formula is to PRESERVE the mixture. For after a short while, the mixture begins to degenerate. So a preservative is needed. Which preservative, tested where? 

Look on the ingredient list of your favourite skin and body care product and if you can understand the names of the ingredients, are you then told about the tests that have been carried out to find out what happens if that product is exposed to the sun? Or how deep the ingredients penetrate the skin, and perhaps end up in your bloodstream? Probably not.

Each of us re responsible for our own health choices, let us be cautious and wise. Personally, I choose to enjoy the luxurious images in that advertising brochure, then pass on to something more natural...


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Thanks for the Image by Alfred Derks from Pixabay 

Posted: Thu 01 Apr 2021