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Dandelions and Detox (FINAL in SERIES)

Where do dandelions grow?

If you are reading this in Poland, you will know the name for dandelion is "mniszek pospility" or if you are in China, you might know the dandelion as "huang-hua-tii-ting". In Japan "seiyotanpopo" or in Indonesia "jombang".1

A friend of mine told me a story about her grandmother in Czech Republic. Every spring, Grandmother would head out and pick the fresh, new tops of spring “weeds”. She would take these greens home and cook an omelette for her husband. All the family would say, “Eeugh Grandma, you’re feeding Granddad weeds.” But how wise was Grandma, to capture the antioxidants and nutrients in the spring growth of highly nutritious edible plants, to nourish and uplift Granddad after a long winter?

The dandelion is successfully growing in every part of the world because as a species, the entire plant has built in tolerance to a wide range of climates, air temperature, terrains and soils, and a high germination rate! Now I wonder Who might have gifted us such a hardy and valuable plant?

And when you understand that our ancestors knew how to use the dandelion for food and medicine, you can see how and why the dandelion has spread to become one of about 13 globally available edible “weeds”.

Why are Carnivorous Polar Bears eating Dandelions at the North Pole?

What about further north and south?

Dandelions are spreading over Antarctica at the South Pole, mostly through the small seeds clinging to clothing and equipment being taken onto the frozen continent 2, and in 2014 scientists announced that dandelions had reached the top of the world in the North Pole and a polar bear was eating dandelions!. 3 What did the polar bear instinctively know that we humans don’t?

“ELLESMERE ISLAND — A team of Canadian scientists studying the polar ice melt this month were surprised and shocked to discover weeds growing at the magnetic North Pole. Dandelions have arrived at the top of the world. “First thing we saw was a polar bear eating dandelions. What’s wrong with this picture?” lead glaciologist Dr. Eve Waters told CBC. “Polar bears are not naturally vegetarians. And what the hell are dandelions doing growing at the North Pole?”” May 28 2014

Does the polar bear instinctively know that eating dandelions will help his sore tummy? And why might the polar bear have a sore tummy anyway? 

Liver Detoxification Enzymes

Every single human being and animal (yes, even the polar bear) needs a high functioning liver and detoxification system, especially in the toxic 21st century. More than 80,000 toxic chemicals are registered with the US Government, but more than 60,000 of those were released into the world as agricultural or industrial chemicals without any testing to see what damage the chemicals could to do humans or animals.4

Thousands of man made chemicals have entered the food chain, through the soil, air and water in the last 50-100 years, and it could take hundreds of years to even identify WHAT they are, or HOW they are affecting the human body. One thing is for sure, every single man, woman, child and animal, bird and insect is contaminated on our little planet. 5

But how well are any of us getting rid of these chemicals we eat and drink daily? If you consider that the average newborn baby has 200 man made chemicals in his or her umbilical cord6 – how much more contaminated are older children, teenagers, adults? All of us are walking around toxic. All of us need to do at least one thing every day to encourage detoxification. This doesn’t come from me, but from a well respected clinician Dr Dietrich Klinghardt who specializes in working with people who are chronically ill.7

One of the toxins which may slow down the human (and animal) liver and detoxification systems is in the spotlight just now: Glyphosate.

This unique molecule, glyphosate, is found in weed killer formulas such as Roundup, originally manufactured by Monsanto. However the name Monsanto will soon slip into history as the company, based in the United States has been bought by Bayer, a German chemical company.8 But the active ingredient in glyphosate is now used by many agrichemical companies, often with many other ingredients that make glyphosate even more damaging. Other agrichemical companies include Syngenta, Du Pont, Bayer.

Glyphosate is also sprayed on about 120 crops to artificially dry them (kill them), so they can be harvested more quickly. Sounds practical right? But does this lead to glyphosate being uptaken into the human body? Certainly. A person eating oats regularly will have 50% more glyphosate in their body than a person who doesn’t. 9

Because of the massive use of glyphosate, and because glyphosate is water soluble, glyphosate has spread all over the planet - in the air, water, soil, food, drinks (anyone for glyphosate laced grape juice?). And then what happens? Well, for a start glyphosate may disrupt the cytochrome p450 enzymes – that’s the liver detoxification system, if you weren't sure! 10

Once in your body, glyphosate doesn’t leave without a push out the door. The molecule quietly slips in and begins damage, and not just to the liver detoxification system. Hundreds of thousands of people with ill health may never think to trace the root of their illness to eating glyphosate laden food. As at 2018, 76% of people tested, showed a reading of glyphosate in their blood. From tests in 1993 to 2016, there was more than a 1000% increase in urine glyphosate levels. 11

Why is glyphosate so damaging? Many people think this molecule called glyphosate damages the human cell, which is true to a certain extent. But if we remember the very first article in this series, we learned that glyphosate has the ability to KILL beneficial microorganisms in the soil, water, plants, insects, birds, animals and humans. Can this be so bad? Yes, because without the beneficial microorganisms, communication between our DNA and our body is dangerously reduced – our immune system cannot function for a start! That’s right, it is the beneficial microorganisms that harmonize communication in our bodies.

You see, glyphosate is registered as an antibiotic, not a herbicide. But for some reason, glyphosate only works to kill BENEFICIAL microorganisms. Glyphosate will not kill pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus areus or any other, only GOOD microorganisms that help our bodies thrive.

So, glyphosate is even worse than we thought, and bringing the demise of the planet and every living organism closer every day.  The enemy never sleeps.  Now we can see why God’s plan is so vital for the human race.

Dandelions Strengthen the Liver Detoxification System

BUT dandelions to the rescue! Dandelions are very helpful for keeping the liver and enzymes working well to help our bodies get rid of toxins. Cleaning toxins from the body is one of the liver’s main jobs, and eating a little dandelion every day will perk up any tired liver. Even a polar bear’s.

For every microorganism on the dandelion leaf, every antioxidant contained in the humble dandelion flower, leaf or root you can buy a pill or a potion. But there it all is, in natural God made proportions for human health. And did I mention FREE! And tested by millions if not billions of people more at least 1000 years as both food and medicine. I’d say that’s a strong argument for eating dandelion. Wouldn’t you?

Dr Klinghardt now encourages his patients to find clean places to forage for herbs like the simple dandelion, because the microorganisms that choose to live on the dandelion leaf are incredibly healing to the human organism. These microorganisms are securely attached to the leaves and a careful wash in non chlorinated water will not destroy the microorganisms.

How do you know if you need detoxing anyway? Many a man and woman I’ve talked to say, “I’m alright, I’m tough, I can cope with anything.” But is this really true? Go back to the same person in five, ten or 15 years and they might let slip that they are on a medication from their doctor, for LIFE. I know I would rather take care of my health, and PREVENT damage.

Here’s one clue: Do you find yourself looking forward to that sweet treat, and once you start you want just one more? That could well be a sign that your body is looking for the energy to detox toxins. Isn’t that good news – not a lack of will power after all!12

Remember: As soon as you start eating just ONE DANDELION LEAF, your body starts to get stronger and messages to start healing begin to be sent through the Vagus Nerve and throughout the body. If you haven’t eaten much in the way of bitter foods or drinks lately, your body might take a little while to start responding. But just when you find yourself starting to look forward to the bitter taste, you know your body is taking that bitterness and turning it for good in your body.

A number of people have told me they don’t have any dandelions growing where they live. Of course, many people are extremely limited in time, in winter they often go to work in the dark, and return home again in the dark. Also, many places are frozen solid in the winter.

In time, if you are interested, you will find yourself looking for dandelions, or you might decide to buy a packet of dandelion seeds and sprinkle them around where you live! To keep things even in our household, we compromised on a corner of garden which is now officially my Foraging Weed Garden! And on one or two edges of our garden beds (raised without timber) we have agreed to let the “weeds” grow and see what germinates!

If you want to start somewhere with healthful bitterness, without foraging, look no further than Dandelion Tea or Dandelion Coffee which you can buy at any good health shop. Follow the instructions and make sure to have a cup a day! You will not reap the benefits of healthy microorganisms, as they perish with heat, but you still get the goodness inside the leaves or roots themselves.

This is the last in the Dandelion series: And as a parting message, I’d like to encourage any man, woman or child to learn to identify a dandelion, and learn how to eat a raw dandelion leaf, to make the dandelion useful for food, drink or for refreshing health. True believers know and understand there are difficult times ahead.

Perhaps the time will come when you or I won't have any cash in our pockets or purses to buy food or medicine. And for sure, the day will come when some of us will be banned from buying or selling.

Learning how to grow food and identify edible food in the wild is a good skill for any time, but especially now as we prepare ourselves for the future. Soon each of us will need to choose which banner we stand under – will you take your place on the side of the one true God who hallowed the Seventh Day (Saturday) and commanded us to rest on that day? Or will you choose another god(s)?


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Posted: Sat 21 Jul 2018