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Plant Food: 29 Lettuce Growing Tips & Tricks for a Temperate Climate

26 Lettuce Growing Tips & Tricks for a Temperate Climate

Lettuce - easy to grow in all temperate climates. Vital greenery for the human body! Health giving microbes, vital chlorophyll, fibre, antioxidants, easy to eat! At this time in the world, every one of us needs to think of cleansing and rebuilding to be the healthiest we can be.

Learn from our 25 years of growing lettuces from seed in 12 different food gardens, across three three different countries all with temperate climates but with wild variations - from the Highlands of Scotland to the dry plains of Victoria, Australia .29 Lettuce Growing Tips & Tricks

This week, we are delighted to:

1. Give you a Quick Read list of  29 Lettuce Growing Tips & Tricks for a Temperate Climate.


2. Publish a FREE booklet in PDF form "29 Lettuce Growing Tips & Tricks for a Temperate Climate" 

Hello dear reader wherever you are in this world, you are on my heart today and in my prayers!

Perhaps one of these tips or tricks will catch your attention. Perhaps you are as fascinated by the miracle of a seed germinating and growing into a substance that is not only beautiful but also practical - something delicious to eat!!

    • Maybe you have hot dry summers and want to germinate outside but haven't got the time or energy to experiment. Check out Tip 12.
    • Or maybe you wonder about the difference between organic and conventionally grown lettuces. Check out the reference page for studies.
    • Maybe you like the idea of mixing in a little used organic coffee grounds from your local cafe, well you have research to back up your instinct. Check out Tip 25.
    • Maybe cash is really tight, and you need to give yourself permission to grow things in a geeky way using recyclable materials. I think you will enjoy this book!

I pray you may find something that sparks your motivation, maybe makes you jump up and down with excitement, or maybe you think, "That writer, she STILL has a lot to learn!" And you would be right. Learning with an open mind and heart is a goal of mine!

Here's the Quick Read list! Or Download the PDF book!

  1. PLAN to Sow a little and often.

  2. CHOOSE quality seed.

  3. THINK about what you like to eat.

  4. CHOOSE at least 3 varieties.

  5. FIND OUT what the locals grow.

  6. LEARN how to sow your seeds indoors (EXCITING!).

  7. CHOOSE light textured seed raising mix (or DIY your own).

  8. PROVIDE light.

  9. PROVIDE moisture.

  10. SOW OUTDOORS with protection and/or shade.

  11. AVOID sowing in hottest weeks of summer.

  12. TRICKY HACK for germinating in hot temps.

  13. PROVIDE light and slight breeze for sturdy seedlings.

  14. LOOK for TRUE leaves, the second and third set before planting out.

  15. SLUGS Patrol is vital.

  16. READY to transplant – grab a pen.

  17. THINK like a lettuce – cool, moist, peace.

  18. BE READY to shade your lettuce plot in hot sun.

  19. WATER with non-chlorinated water, or save up for a garden hose filter.

  20. AUSTRALIAN lesson: WATER, water, water in dry weather.

  21. SCOTTISH lesson: LETTUCES like to be wet and close together, plant on ridges if soil very heavy or very, very cold.

  22. GOT ANTS? Tricky hack for protecting your lettuce seeds.

  23. GET FRIENDLY with your soil? Heavy? Loose? No failures only lessons!

  24. ITALIAN lesson: FEED your lettuce seedings, even before they are transplanted.

  25. GROW them fast. Tricky hack using organic coffee grounds.

  26. THINK like a lettuce, don’t get your neck buried!

  27. ACTUALLY harvest your leaves to EAT! (HINT: it’s easy to just look at them).

  28. BE TOUGH and pull your lettuce plants our when they shoot up seed stalks.

  29. WASH & STORE if not eating immediately – avoid limp, sad leaves! Great grandma trick.

Thank you, dear friend, for your time and patience! Now, onward with the work for God! Oh, and grow some lettuce! God be with you!

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Posted: Thu 22 Aug 2019