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Health Reporter: 8 Top Tips to Sunlight Success #1


Top Tip #1:

Your body is so marvellously created, that Vitamin D3 production will automatically STOP when enough has been absorbed for production! This may be in 15-30 minutes for some people or much longer for others (see Top Tip #2). You won’t sense that you have enough sunlight to produce Vitamin D3, but read Top Tip #2, to learn how you CAN use your senses to know you have had enough sun.

Stretch your brain:

Some sources say the “average healthy person” with large parts of their body exposed (legs, arms, back, torso) will produce 15,000- 20,000 international units per day during high summer (remember Vitamin D3 is not measured in milligrams but in units).1 If the average healthy person manufactures 15,000-20,000 units of vitamin D3 per summer  day from soaking up the UVB sunlight, and then the average healthy body STOPS producing Vitamin D3, we could ask the question: “Why are only 600 international units of Vitamin D3 recommended by government health authorities?” We are only asking the question.

Look out for Top Tip #2 in this Health Reporter blog.

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Posted: Wed 13 Jan 2021