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Health Reporter: Vitamin D and  Immunity in 2020

Vitamin D and Immunity in 2020

Dear Friends,

None of us can deny the startling changes that have occurred suddenly in our world today, but we can be wise and make sure we have primed immune systems.

We live in strange times, the days of prophecy unfolding, the precious days of digging into our Bibles for the treasures of strength and preparation. As I write this, in May 2020, billions of people on our Planet Earth are on “lockdown”, “self-isolation” or “quarantine” by order of governments, in apparent attempts to slow the spread of a reportedly contagious and new coronavirus known as SARS-COV 2 (in science circles) and named COVID-19 by the World Health Organisation. You will have read and heard that people are dying of this disease, all over the world.

Interestingly, the concept of “quarantine” of ill or contaminated people to halt the spread of infectious disease was a health law given by God to the ancient Israelites and intended for humans in all times of the world. And this reminds me of something else to keep in mind: We must always look to the Bible prayerfully for how we are to live, breathe and give our allegiance to our Lord and God. We need to be aware of tactics and strategies of the enemy that have just enough truth to be plausible. For instance we are being told that new laws are for our safety, but alas, in reality these new laws rob us of our freedoms. Already we can see the writing on the wall: control of movement, control of food supply, control of our freedom to choose vaccinations or not, control of freedom of speech, control of when and where we worship.

Life has changed suddenly, and as a global population, we have entered a life peppered with “new normals”: “Lockdown”, “opening (or closing) the economy”, “coronovirus”, “social distancing”, “wearing a mask”, “hand sanitiser”, “register your name”. Next up, consider houses being searched and people being taken from their homes, and forced vaccinations with military support – all legal thanks to new laws being quickly passed. Does this sound like safety, security and liberty to you my friend?READ MORE here and scroll to page 68, 69, 70


Posted: Sun 17 May 2020