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God is Moving us to a New Place

Friday 25 August 2017

Dear Reader, what can the purple suitcase mean? Simply that God has turned our lives in a new direction. As the world marches boldly on, God has His hand on His people's lives.

God's ways are not always the easy ways, as you and I know. Perhaps He is moving you into a place where you can do the best work for Him. If you notice strange unsettling events happening around you, or affecting your normal daily lives - we suggest you pay attention and take your observations into close prayer with God. It is our experience that He can use unsettling events to shake His people out of unsuitable situations..

We are being moved to New Zealand, where we will be able to spend more time communicating with you, and other truth seekers through this website. As truth seekers, you and others who may have left traditional churches may be worshipping in small groups at home. Let us all take comfort from knowing there are many of us throughout this world who are seeking, searching the Bible, examining their hearts, learning more fully WHY they believe what they do, and searching the internet for truth in these times.

Even this small website is reaching all corners of the globe. By God's grace we can continue to make spiritual, Bible and health nuggets of gold and gems of many colours available for all who desire to dig and search for glorious treasure!

The most popular download this month of August is: The Word (18 people have downoaded this publication).

Next most popular download is: Who is God? (13 people).

Third most popular this month: Book 1 Part 4 (12 downloads).

You can find all these publications, and more at:



Hold tight to Jesus Christ, our High Priest, who stands in the Most Holy Place right now.

We hope to encourage and motivate you much more, very soon.

Posted: Fri 25 Aug 2017