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Health Reporter: Preparing the Heart

Hello dear reader, welcome wherever you are in this ever darkening world of ours!

Have you ever wondered how Bible believers can prepare for the future ahead?

Preparing the Heart

There are many millions of sincere, well-meaning people who are "prepping" (preparing) to take care of themselves and their families when the bad times hit. They know change is already happening in this groaning world of ours.  They are buying and building places they can store items they need for survival - long-life food, plenty of water, warm clothes and bedding, equipment, batteries, medical supplies, perhaps even weapons to defend their homes and families.

Perhaps these preppers are also buying and storing gold and silver to be able to barter with when the global money system collapses. Many are also prepping "bolt holes" - places to escape to and learning skills to help them survive difficult times. All this prepping is carefully thought out, invested into, and many plans made. I do admire the dedication and perseverance of these many, many sincere people. Maybe you are a prepper!

Today, I would like to introduce you to a different kind of prepping, requiring just as much dedication and endurance, and I believe this is the gold standard in prepping. This is the prepping God asks us, as Bible believers, to do FIRST, and then follow His instructions for what to do next. This prepping will always be with you, and no-one can take this prepping away from you, and gives you peace of mind wherever you are and whatever circumstance you find yourself in.

Heart Prepping

We might call this Heart Prepping.

The Word of God, found in our precious Bibles, uses the word "heart" to also mean "mind". For example King David tells the people "...I had it in my heart to build a house of rest..." 2 Corinthians 8:2 So, our hearts and our minds are one and the same.

This heart prepping is an individual work, although sometimes the prepping gets along faster if we meet with like minded people. Here on Vital Force NZ, you can visit Prayer Solutions our new page for strengthening your heart. At Prayer Solutions you will find a prayer and Bible verses to strengthen you and uplift you in your prepping for the times we live in.

You can also gain renewed strength about God's love for You, and His will for your life, anywhere on Vital Force NZ, where you can read about God, the Bible, or download free books, and more free books.

Of course the inernet has many websites dedicated to uplifting ourselves in our walk with God. Yet only a handful are sharing and teaching the original truth about God the Father and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. How did such a profound truth get lost in the mists of time? Well, the history of that mystery can be found in "Who is God?"

What is Heart Prepping?

Let's find out!

  • Just as preppers are gathering and checking their stores to make sure everything is organised, tidy and ready, as Bible believers we need to check what we have stored in our hearts and check that we are investing enough time and focus to prepping for the times ahead.
  • Just as preppers don't go around giving everyone a key to their store rooms, in the same way we if we truly want to prepare for the times ahead we must give God the key to our heart, because we trust Him and know He will take care of us, listen to us, and that He loves each one of us more than any person can."Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another." 1 John 3:23
  • Just as preppers make sure they have enough food and water stored up, as Bible believers we can examine our hearts - do we have enough faith in God the Father and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to take us through difficult times ahead, or do we need to grow more faith to see us through?
  • Jut as preppers regularly clean their store rooms, and sweep out dark corners, we can sweep out the dark corners of our hearts - do we have any dark corners of our hearts where we haven't looked lately? Perhaps there is something not very nice lurking in that dark corner that needs to be brought out into the light, and then disposed of? There is nothing useful about a festering bad thought about ourselves or about other people, lurking in the backs of our minds! To tackle this tricky challenge, surrender and prayer are the solution (see below).
  • Just as preppers regularly check their store rooms for out of date food or water, do we have any "out of date" thoughts, feelings or habits that no longer serve us in our life with God? Once again, this is a tricky challenge and the solution is once again surrender and prayer (see below).
  • Just as preppers check their stored equipment to see if all is working correctly, we can check our lifestyle choices to see if our bodies and minds are in good working order to seek God with clarity and dedication, and if not, we can tweak our lifestyle to improve things. You can build mind, body and spiritual STRENGTH.
  • And just as preppers are always watching for what is happening in the world to see how soon they will need to be ready, we can watch the world happenings too BUT FIRST PLACE in our hearts always goes to God - are we talking to God, getting direction from the Bible, and lining His truth up with the happenings in the world?

All these preparations will help us, strengthen us, help us deal with difficulties in our day to day life, and the work for these last days that God the Father will reveal to us. I would like to recommend you try heart prepping, and experience the subtle and yet amazing changes that happen  in your life! "Look to yourselves, that we do not lose those things we worked for, but that we may receive a full reward." 2 John 8 

Simple Heart Prepping Tips:

1. Start a lovely habit of beginning the day with God. Before you start anything that whisks you away into the "things" that have to be done, spend a few minutes, maybe10 minutes or even longer, praying and then reading the Bible. Some people pray and open up the Bible and read the verses they find there. Other people read and study one book of the Bible over some days or weeks. If you are anything like me, this means you may need to wake up a little bit earlier to meet with God first thing. Just having an open heart to God will give you a supernatural preparation for the day ahead. More and more we need Jesus Christ's strength to get us through each day, as increasingly this world darkens with wickedness, and we face spiritual challenges each day. "My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord; In the morning I will direct it to You, And I will look up." Psalm 5:3

2. At the end of the day, look forward to a few minutes (or more) with God again. This regular "meeting" with Him builds a strong and binding relationship. I can't tell you how I gladly I look forward to sitting quietly in my bed and praying and reading the Bible. I am not a fabulous Bible scholar, and often I need to look up the references to each text, and then prayerfully think, to gain more understanding. When I understand something, I feel elated! Even Jesus Christ made sure he spent quiet time with His Father in heaven in the evening. "...at night He went out and stayed on the mountain called Olivet." Luke 21:37

3. When you pray, ask God what he would have you do to prepare your heart for Him. Ask him to show you if you have any dark places in your heart which he can reveal to you and help you work through. Ask Him if you have any habits or behaviours which are "outdated", and not in line with the Ten Commandments. God loves us to ask Him things, especially when we want to please him AND then we must BELIEVE He will answer. You might not get an immediate answer, maybe the answer will come a different way than you expect. For example: Perhaps somebody says something and you feel a bit annoyed, and then "cha-ching" the penny drops and you realise that might be a little corner of your heart that needs some caring attention and cleaning out! Jesus himself tells us what happens when we pray and ask: "'Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.'" Mark 11:24

4. Save the best day of the week for you and God! The biblical seventh day Sabbath starts at sunset Friday night until sunset Saturday night. This is the true and correct day of worship for Christians. This day has never been changed by God. But there is one religious institution which says it has more authority than the Bible because it changed the day of the week for Sabbath worship, and almost ALL Christians now worship on this false Sabbath. Are you? The seventh day Sabbath is a beautiful space of time, where we put away all our every day activities, and instead spend time in nature, thinking on pure, good themes. Walking, sitting, reading, gaining light and understanding from the Bible or with like minded people. To discover the truth about the Sabbath, read the "Seventh Day". "If you turn away your foot from the Sabbath, From doing your pleasure on My holy day, And call the Sabbath a delight, The holy day of the Lord honourable, And shall honor Him, not doing your own ways, Nor finding your own pleasure, Nor speaking your own words, Then you shall delight yourself in the Lod..." Isaiah 58:13

Until next time, we pray for your safety and Heart Prepping! "Grace, mercy and peace will be with you from God the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love." 2 John 3

Posted: Thu 11 Apr 2019