The Word

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When you discover who and what The Word is, amazing true knowledge will unfold before your very eyes. And yet in today's world confusion and even controversy seem to shroud The Word, the teachings and doctrines of the Bible. Sadly, most Christian churches have diluted truth with false teaching, following the traditions and commandments of man, rather than a plain, “Thus says the Lord,” written in the Bible.  So our urgent need is to search out Bible truths for ourselves, and a very effective way is to use a Young’s or Strong’s Concordance.

All you need to do is to select a word topic in the concordance and look up all the given text references.  You may need to study several related topics to gain a complete overview.  For example if you want to know what the Bible says about death then look up the words death, dead, grave, resurrection and so on. By piecing together linking texts a true picture emerges, much like a completed jigsaw puzzle.

Then you face another challenge whether to follow in the path of true teachings for doctrine or remain in the falsehood of error. You see for some people having found Biblical truth they simply choose to remain ignorant of God’s claim upon their lives.  Much easier to remain in the popular church club, or perhaps wait for a convenient time to walk in God’s truth. Of course that time may never arrive.  So below is a little bit of prose to send you on your way with a personal challenge to search out Bible truth for your very own self. 

And remember begin your search today don’t leave your search for tomorrow, for tomorrows tend to multiply and today never arrives. Read more>> 





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