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  • Out of the Mouths of Babes... Praise is Perfected
    Today we ask you dear reader: Can children teach adults anything about God? Let us explore...
    Posted: Wednesday 20 March 2019
  • Glyphosate Damages awarded while Damage continues every day...
    One man, Dwayne Johnson has been awarded $289 USD damages as his legal team convinced judges and jury that exposure to glyphosate in Roundup likely caused his non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer. But the damage continues...
    Posted: Monday 3 September 2018
  • Dandelions and Detox (FINAL in SERIES)
    Can dandelions help with detox? And what does a Polar Bear know about dandelions that we have forgotten? Final in the Dandelion series...
    Posted: Saturday 21 July 2018
  • Why Eat a Dandelion?
    In these end times of the world, with confusion all around us, we need the best physical, mental and spiritual health we can muster. So, why eat a dandelion?
    Posted: Monday 11 June 2018
  • How to Eat a Dandelion
    Can't face another bowl of leafy greens today? Try a dandelion leaf instead? One dandelion leaf has seven times more nutrition than spinach. I wonder what you will do with that DIY tip? And just wait until you find out more...
    Posted: Saturday 26 May 2018
  • Disease Busting Bitter Tastes disappearing from Vegetables and Fruits
    Plant breeders following instructions from food industry bosses are breeding out plant compounds proven by science to prevent and improve disease. Why?
    Posted: Sunday 20 May 2018
  • Why Bitter Tastes are Vital for Your Health
    Last time in Bitter Stories of Death and Life (29 March 2018), we learned that Jesus Christ left behind some very healing plants which have spread all over the planet. All these healing plants taste a little or very bitter. Most people call these bitter tasting plants “weeds”. So what’s going on here?
    Posted: Sunday 15 April 2018
  • Bitter Stories of Death and Life
    Hello dear friends Let me tell you a little story. It’s not new and you have probably heard it before: Millions and millions of people have died for their faith and belief in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Every single one of those people had a life to live, with daily duties, comforts of home, family and friends.
    Posted: Thursday 29 March 2018
  • Researching Glyphosate
    How patient you all are! The last year has been full. We have been through trials, received blessings and moved our family and belongings from Australia to New Zealand. And each day I wonder, "Will this be the day I can tell you some good news about living in a world drenched with glyphosate:"
    Posted: Monday 29 January 2018
  • Dealing with Toxins in our Environment
    Today, let's looks at positive actions we can take to protect our brains and bodies from toxins, and there are thousands of toxins in our 21st century environment.
    Posted: Monday 29 January 2018
  • The Time Has Come
    Can we believe that God communicates with us directly? Yes, if you believe the experiences of God's people in the Bible, and according to the following experience in April this year.
    Posted: Friday 25 August 2017
  • God is Moving us to a New Place
    Dear Reader, what can the purple suitcase mean? Simply that God has turned our lives in a new direction. As the world marches boldly on, God has His hand on His people's lives.
    Posted: Friday 25 August 2017
  • A Prayer a Day keeps the devil away!
    This week, let us strengthen ourselves, with the overriding power of the universe - God the Father and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. You can learn more about our Father in Heaven and His Son...
    Posted: Sunday 13 November 2016
  • A Portrait of Life
    Hello to you whoever you are, wherever you are, surviving in our global world. I am a New Zealander living in Australia. The privilege to connect with you is the wonder and positive side of our global internet connection. At least for the foreseeable future, for you probably know, rapid changes are afoot around the globe and some not so positive.
    Posted: Sunday 13 November 2016
  • Cashew Cheese Sauce for Pizza and more...
    New Post over on Food - Cook and Grow, published today Wednesday, October 26, 2016
    Posted: Wednesday 26 October 2016
  • Poisoning by Glyphosate Weed Killer
    We are all being poisoned by the most popular weed killer on the planet. And yet billions of people are turning a blind eye to recent scientific facts. People, animals, plants, insects and soil life are developing disease at an increasing rate and researchers say this weed killer could be a missing part of the disease puzzle. Apparently, being poisoned, getting sick, taking medication, suffering and dying is the new normal on planet earth.
    Posted: Tuesday 25 October 2016
  • What can Daniel in the Lion's Den teach us Today?
    Hello to you, wherever you are on Planet Earth: France; China; the United Kingdom; Brazil; Poland or New Zealand? The reality is that people from all over the world are visiting this website. People just like you and me, who are looking around and wondering what is happening to our world. Are you in a dreadful, situation right now? Or do you ever lie awake at night wondering how you will cope as the situation becomes dangerous in your corner of the world? We pray this week's writing may be of use to you.
    Posted: Tuesday 11 October 2016
  • The Two Fanged Serpent
    Do you know, the deadliest snake in the world is the INLAND TAIPAN? If bitten by his venomous fangs, your life is over. Yet unbeknown to some there is an even deadlier snake than the Taipan lurking in our world. For believe it or not, right now there is a serpent slithering through our world spraying evil venom from his deadly fangs.
    Posted: Friday 7 October 2016
  • Are you Struggling with Trials?
    Dear Friend Are you struggling in your life? Are you realising our world has changed? Earthquakes, droughts, fires, floods, wars, killing, famines, sink holes, explosions, violence, disease, epidemics, lying, cheating, dishonest dealings even in the highest positions of trust.
    Posted: Saturday 24 September 2016
  • The Mystery of the Missing Carob Bliss Balls!
    Taking her place at the family table, Andrea looked happily at the expectant faces around the table. Her two boys were smiling. Young and innocent smiles, still shielded from the sometimes cynical world outside the family’s front gate.
    Posted: Tuesday 9 February 2016
  • Chemtrails & How to Protect Yourself and Your Family!
    With an aching heart, God destroyed the pre-flood world. The inventions of that time must have been astounding, perhaps even beyond our wildest imagination. But clearly evil had saturated earth’s human race or God would not have taken such a drastic measure to destroy all man’s development and the earth’s degraded environment.
    Posted: Tuesday 9 February 2016

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